IIM Shillong Championship

The GameStopper - Financial Modelling Championship 2021

Equitylevers is proud to partner with Niveshak, the Finance and Investment Club of IIM Shillong, for “The GameStopper - Financial Modelling Championship 2021” as a part of their flagship Finance Fest, “FinWeekend.” Each contestant team will be required to solve three simulations within the stipulated time. The directions for the same are as follows:

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The three assigned projects will be on financial modelling, analysing Income Statement, and excel functions & errors. The financial modelling simulation will be based on real data of an Indian listed company. The simulations are designed to score your inputs. The projects will be assigned on 6th March at 6:45 PM. The contestants will get 2.5 hours to solve all 3 simulations and upload them between 6:45 pm to 9:15 pm. This blog provides necessary information so that you are adequately prepared on minimum requirements prior to the contest day. Please read this carefully.

You will need a windows OS computer (or windows environment in iMac) and MS excel (any of 2013, 2016, 2019 or office 365). You will also need i3 machine and good internet connection. Please only use Google Chrome Browser. You are requested to only open one simulation at a time in one machine. You are required to use only one device for the entirety of this competition to download, complete and upload all 3 simulations. Once completed, upload of your answer workbooks should happen by the respective machines where it was downloaded.

Each contestant team will get an email from www.equitylevers.com once you are assigned your simulations. Kindly check your spam mail box. Post this each contestant team lead (recognized by given team email id) will need to register at www.equitylevers before commencing to solve the simulations. Teams are allowed to download and complete the 3 simulations in any order, but we recommend starting with the Excel functions simulation, then the analyzing Income Statement simulation, and finally the Financial Modelling Simulation.

Each contestant team is requested to familiarize themselves with the following in order to ensure that there are no technical issues during the event (the event is time-pressure-based): Product video,  How a simulation works (this is a sample of another simulation), and Access FAQ’s (please pay attention to login and excel related FAQ’s.

All queries related to the assignment simulations can be addressed to support@equitylevers.com


As soon as you upload your files within the stipulated time limit, fill out this Google form:  https://forms.gle/F6yrCbNGy2AtFC3UA

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