Features & Highlights of Indian Capstone Simulations

Unique Features

Features of Indian Capstone Simulations

Our Skill Library

35 plus certification, 100 plus simulations

10 finance subjects - Accounting, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Valuation, Financial modelling, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Mutual funds, wealth management and Risk.

Product video

What we provide

  • Each simulation comes with a study material explaining the simulation

  • A video recording of solution as solved by an expert. This will help easy learning and understanding.

  • We also provide multiple attempts so that students are able to gain the skills.

Multiple uses

  • Students and candidates can use as Certifications

  • Instructors and examiners can assign as tests and certifications

Unique Features

Our technology brings together several unique features to help with finance training, testing and certifications. 

  • Real time data:  Our simulations capture real time data form listed companies, market prices from NSE, bond spot rates from CCIL etc to give a feel of real work.

  • Online:  Our product is accessible online from anywhere and will work like a personalised finance lab for each student.

  • Scoring and tracking:  Each simulation is equipped with algorithms which score student inputs.  This will help the student learn interactively.

  • Scoring and assessment:  We capture student scores and these are available as records for use by faculty in grading and performance tracking. This saves instructors time and improves standardisation of marking.

  • Certification:  Each student gets an online certificate and score verifiable online web link.  This can be used by the students in his resume to demonstrate his competency.

  • Anti-copying:  Each excel simulation is unique with unique set of data.  Each student has to solve the excel and score marks.  Further each excel is built with host of technology features like password control, timer, ability to show answers etc which enable extensive personalisation of the simulation to each student.

  • Personalization:  Professors can assign to each student as per needs of the student and can repeat a task multiple times. 

Minimal Infrastructure Needed

  • Windows Lap top or PC.  Given that we are using excel as an interface, it is advisable to have a good quality computer less than 3 -5 years old.  It should have minimum 4 GB RAM and at least an I3 processor.

  • MS Excel 2013 (version 15) or later.  Office 365 is also Okay.

  • Chrome browser

  • Given use of Excel, our simulations do not work on mobiles or on iMac operating system computers.  For iMac machines, the user is required to create a windows environment from www.parallels.com