World Investor Week 2020

Learn Investing (Finding Multi baggers) By "Doing Yourself" with Real Time Simulations

I will be speaking at the World Investor Week 2020 at 6 PM today. The topic for discussion will be “Learn Investing By "Doing" with Real Time Simulations”. The agenda will cover:

  • We derive returns from Fixed Deposits and Equities from future earnings.

  • Multi baggers - Key Attributes

  • 2 step process to find attractive investments

  • 3 step process to analyze stocks

  • Real Examples with real time data

  • About Capstone Simulations based on live company data - How they can help you “learn by doing” a wide variety of investing skills. Reading financial statements, Investing, Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities and much more.

  • Story of 5 friends. Demonstrates which type companies create value

  • Thumb Rules

Pre requisites

None. Only common sense and very basic understanding (like EPS, PE) is required

How to Join

The Link to join the webinar: Click to Join Passcode: 712688

Time: 6 Pm to 7 PM.

Kindly register at Click me. You may also join from the Platform for Investor Education website.

Its free.

Kindly share with your friends who may be interested.