ISB Advaita - D2C Competition

Level 2 - Real Time Simulations by - November 28, 2020.

Equitylevers is proud to be the knowledge partner to ISB Advaita. Each contestant team will be required to solve 2 simulations to cross level 2. The directions for the same are as follows:

  1. About simulations: read at bottom of this blog.

  2. The 2 assigned projects will be on financial modelling and a portfolio game. Both these projects will be based real data of Indian listed companies. The simulations are designed to score your inputs. Level 2 selection will be based on these scores. The projects will be assigned on 28th Nov before 6 PM. The contestants will get 120 mins to solve between 6pm-10pm. This blog provides necessary information so that you are adequately prepared on minimum requirements prior to the contest day.

  3. You will need a windows OS computer (or windows environment in iMac) and MS excel (any of 2013, 2016, 2019 or office 365). You will also need i3 machine and good internet connection. You are requested to only open one simulation at a time in one machine. Another team member of the contestant can download the other simulation in another machine after the first person has logged out. Once completed upload of your answer workbooks should happen by the respective machines where it was downloaded.

  4. Each contestant team will get an email from once you are assigned your simulations. Kindly check your spam mail box. Post this each contestant team lead (recognized by given team email id) will need to register at www.equitylevers before commencing to solve the simulations.

  5. Each contestant team is requested to familiarize with the following: Product video, How a simulation works (this is a sample of another simulation), and Access FAQ’s (please pay attention to login and excel related FAQ’s.

  6. All queries related to the assignment simulations can be addressed to

About Capstone Simulations by EquityLevers is proud to introduce a new way to learn finance skills - "by doing".  Our mission is to provide a virtual personalized finance lab with host of essential simulations for developing working knowledge in finance and special use financial simulations suitable to develop real work skills. We think this will help in better skill development and is a logical next step to current text book and video based learning.  We use technology to personalise real time projects to each user and their answers are scored to enable adaptive learning and testing.  

We use excel and live data to build the simulations as these are the necessary corporate work tools.  Each simulation is built with inputs from practitioners and leading professors so that a complete work environment is created through simulations.  From basic simulations suitable for beginners to advanced skill levels suitable for working professionals.  Our simulations and certifications are easy to access, scalable, self scoring enabled, self explained, and affordable. Our simulations can be used by trainers as tests and by students and candidates as certifications. 

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