How to find Multi Baggers - Step by Step Self Learning

World Investors Week 2020 Presentation

We are happy to enclose the YouTube copy of my lecture at the World Investor Week 2020 presented by the Centre for Capital Markets and Risk Management, IIM Bangalore.

The topic for discussion was “Learn Investing By "Doing" with Real Time Simulations”.

The agenda covered:

  • We derive returns from Fixed Deposits and Equities from future earnings.

  • Multi baggers - Key Attributes

  • 2 step process to find attractive investments

  • 3 step process to analyze stocks

  • Real Examples with real time data

  • How you can develop or teach students towards working knowledge and skills in financial analysis - “Learning by Doing” using real time simulation assignments with real companies. Now you can practice skills like stock analysis, reading financial statements, derivatives, fixed income securities and much more using simulations from the Capstone Simulations Skill Library

  • Story of 5 friends. Demonstrates which type companies create value

  • Some investing thumb Rules


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