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Warm Greetings for a very happy and prosperous new year to you and your families!

We are very happy to write to all of you in this new year with our recent successful experience at Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy (BIM). It was very fulfilling that our mission to provide experiential learning to students was appreciated by students group in large numbers.

Dr Sri Raman, Professor of Finance at BIM) included Capstone practice Certifications in his course to his MBA students. This blog details our experience with 120 students at BIM MBA program.

Blog Overview

  1. About Certifications

  2. Self scoring and Certification Process

  3. Student experience and Feedback

  4. Feedback from Professor Sri Raman


Prof Sri Raman selected the following certifications in his courses on Financial Reporting and Corporate Finance.

The students were assigned these certifications after 50% of the main core course was completed and the students were to complete the certification over the next 45 days. The certifications included solutions and also study material for each simulation. However as every student got a new company and new data with every simulation they had to solve it on their own there by providing necessary practice. The details of the certification is available in the below title link.

1 Financial Statement Analysis - Simulations included were as below

  • Preparing Income Statement & Balance Sheet

  • Preparing Commonsize Statement

  • Preparing Cash flow Statement

  • Ratio Analysis 

  • Income Statement Analysis

  • Capex and Cashflow Analysis

  • Comparative Ratio Analysis

2 Corporate Finance - Simulations included were as below

  • Basic concepts of Time Value of Money & Discounted Cash Flow Excel Functions 

  • Capital Budgeting - Project Evaluation

  • Decoding drivers of share price movement

  • Understanding Return on Equity & Price-to-Equity Multiple

  • Company Valuation - Listed Companies

  • Pricing of a Bond using Spot Rates 

  • Basic Valuation of an Option-free Bond

Certificates Issued

Upon completion, the students obtained scores for each project and certification. All students could complete the certifications and most students scored more than 90%.

Explore the following certification web links to understand scoring process and certification. The entire scoring and certification process is transparent and is automated. Each web link is unique for each student and can be used as part of his/ her resume.

Certificate web link - Vijay Muralidharan

Certificate web link - P Surya

Certificate web link - D Satyan

Student Feedback

We are happy to share that student feedback was very positive. The following is a short gist of a voluntary survey done with the students:

Professor Sri Raman’s Testimonial

“This is a wonderful concept of providing structured real world assignments to students. In my class, I could ensure that each student completes multiple projects alongside my course. My students found these simulation very helpful and I was delighted with their feedback. We hope to continue to provide live projects to students in preparing them for the corporate world”

Thank you

We are thankful to Professor Sri Raman, BIM to introduce our Simulations to his class.

Thank you for reading about the innovative initiative to bring experiential learning to students and candidates. More information is available at:

1) Information about our skill library of 35 Certifications across 10 important finance subjects can be found here. These certification can be assigned by professor or directly taken by Students as a library product.

2) Demo and how our certifications work

Our future newsletters will focus on experiences at leading colleges with our real-time simulations in other subjects, including valuations, mutual funds, modelling, fixed income, Investments, derivatives etc.