Accreditation by National Educational Alliance for Technology, AICTE, GOI

Our Finance Skills Library has been Accredited

We are proud that our skill library product, a Unique Personalized Finance Lab, has been evaluated and included under the National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT), AICTE, Government of India program. This program evaluates the best technological solutions in education technology for enhancing the employability, personalized learning and skill development

Institutional Accredited Product

Institutional Product (click the Link to reach NEAT, GOI site)

  • Students can take certifications by themselves as a library product.

  • Professors can assign skill library certifications as tests and certifications during the course or as live practice projects.

More about our Skills Library

Our Skills Library offers 100 + simulations (structured assignments) and 30+ skill certifications across 10 finance subjects.  Each certification comprises 2-3 (upto 5 hours) of live assignments in the subject area. The users gets auto certified based on their scores. Our video explainer:

Additional Details

  • Subjects covered : Everyday finance, accounting, managerial accounting, corporate finance, investment finance, ratio analysis, financial modelling, valuation, derivatives, fixed income, mutual funds, wealth management, Indian financial instruments and risk management.

  • Each simulation attempt has new data sets as our projects are real time data enabled and hence no copying is possible.

  • Each certification also includes study material on how to solve and video recording of an expert solving the excel simulation. This makes it very to implement.

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Our Institutional Client Experience

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“I think one of the most important things missing in our students is dirty hands. Students learn many concepts from textbooks and lectures but get very few chances to get their hands dirty in the form of applying those concepts to real life scenarios. In my opinion, this is where Indian Capstone Simulations (ICS) fills a vital gap.” Professor IIM Trichy